Independent Charter Schools

Independent Charter Schools

We believe in public education and that’s why we support independent charter schools. We’ve seen how competition helps make public schools better. We believe parents, especially those lacking the means to pay for costly private education, deserve options. We believe all children deserve a quality education in a safe learning environment.

Cabrera Consulting Group has vast experience launching and managing independent charter schools. We’ve not only run them, we’ve also built them. We know how to guide your independent charter school through the complex bureaucratic process, from getting accreditation through audits and oversight.

We can help you increase student enrollment, which is critical to the success of any charter school, and we’ll help you create that much-desired waiting list. We also assist with all matters of school management, including the hiring of teachers and support staff, standardized testing, busing issues and student safety.

We guide our clients through every step of the charter school process, from finding the right facility to building a brand new one.

We’ll also work with your charter’s Senior Leadership Team to ensure that all proper revenue and enrollment planning, compliance and reporting are done in a timely fashion. We will work closely your support team regarding reports to and meetings with the Board of Trustees or Directors and its committees. We will ensure that all funds – public and private – are properly accounted for, that proper reporting procedures are established, and transparent accountability is achieved at a reasonable cost.

We provide all end-to-end services, helping to make your charter school excel and grow.

Our services include:

  • Charter school administration and management
  • Preparing and overseeing financial reports
  • Managing compliance and attending district meetings
  • Student enrollment and recruitment
  • Promoting your school
  • Positive media coverage
  • Identifying and evaluating grants
  • Development and fundraising
  • Content writing and promotional materials
  • Writing “success stories” about your school for donors and community outlets.
  • Contacting and engaging parents
  • Coordinate recordkeeping
  • Monitor federal, state, county revenue, and private donations.
  • Overseeing completion and filing of final reports
  • Overseeing risk management and contracts, leases, agreements and other legal documents.